Share is a gay nightclub, bar and ultra lounge spanning 2 floors with a ultra modern and hip nightclub downstairs creating a unique dance floor encased by couches, tables and VIP cabanas while keeping a full view of the dance floor at all times. Upstairs every SHARE guest can enjoy the luxury and privacy of the SHARE Ultra Lounge and bar with open seating or VIP Private rooms and if you want to make your experience a little more Sharable, ask a shot boy what he can do for you.

may, 2016

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1may10:00 pmTHERAPY SUNDAYSEvery SUNDAY10:00 pm

6may10:00 pm#FIT Fridays | TRAVIS DES LAURIER@travbeachboy and DJ FX10:00 pm

7may10:00 pmSaturday | Yanis Marshall, Arnaud & MehdiDJ J Diesel10:00 pm

8may10:00 pmTHERAPY SUNDAYSEvery SUNDAY10:00 pm

13may10:00 pm#FIT Fridays | DAVID ZIEGLER@zieglermonster and DJ DAN DE LEON10:00 pm

14may8:30 am- 10:00 pmSteve Grand in Concert8:30 am - 10:00 pm

14may10:00 pmSaturday | HRC Las Vegas Gala After-After PartyHosted by STEVE GRAND, Performance by COCO MONTRESE10:00 pm

15may8:30 pm- 10:00 pmSteve Grand in Concert8:30 pm - 10:00 pm

15may10:00 pmTHERAPY SUNDAYSEvery SUNDAY10:00 pm

20may10:00 pm#FIT Fridays | JASON DICKINSON@dickinson76 and DJ Chris Cox10:00 pm

21may10:00 pmSaturday | Nebraska ThunderfuckMatinee Vegas Contests & Giveaways10:00 pm

22may10:00 pmTHERAPY SUNDAYSEvery SUNDAY10:00 pm

27may10:00 pm#FIT Fridays | DANIEL PEYER@peyerdaniel and DJ JOHN JOSEPH10:00 pm

28may10:00 pmSaturday | Michell'e MichaelsDJ J Diesel10:00 pm

29may10:00 pmMARIANA SEOANE presented by Club Papi10:00 pm pst

30may10:00 pmMatinee Las Vegas: FREE FINALE10:00 pm pst