SHARE, opened in November 2011 by gay owner Mike Crisp and Partners, was purchased by Christopher Rosas and shareholders on September 22, 2015. Chris, a gay entrepreneur and his best mate Antony Searle, intend to bring an element of European class to Las Vegas. Chris, a creative force behind Hotel Fusion and Infusion Lounge and the upcoming Infusion Beach and Hotel, brings fresh thoughts and ideas into Las Vegas. Look for exciting things in 2015 and 2016!

An LGBT nightclub that is more than just straight friendly, SHARE strives to be a an E for Everyone venue. We are working to improve service and offer an experience that rivals the strip’s mega clubs. The venue spans 2 floors with an ultra modern and hip nightclub downstairs. This level boasts a unique dance floor encased by couches, tables, and VIP cabanas while keeping a full view of the dance floor at all times. Upstairs every SHARE guest can enjoy the luxury and privacy of the SHARE Ultra Lounge and Bar with open seating or VIP Private rooms. If you want to make your experience a little more Shareable, ask a shot boy what he can do for you. Share Nightclub is located at 4636 Wynn Road. Share Nightclub is the newest gay club in Las Vegas just off the Las Vegas Strip.